Lindsay Graves,


A writer at heart and also by trade, Lindsay is blessed to be able to meld creative and social passions with business so no day feels like work. Bringing to the table an adept understanding of language and successful business principles, she is steadfast in her commitment to content that impresses and delights.  With a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Education, Lindsay spent seven years teaching the technical and creative aspects of writing at the high school level. Content Farm is a culmination of the best of her experiences. Lindsay values time spent with her husband and their three children. She is actively involved in non-profit boards and fundraising initiatives for a wide-range of causes.Seeking out experiences which broaden her perspective and allow her to stay physically, socially and intellectually active, Lindsay remains inspired by the understanding that words have a power to educate, influence and entertain in a way that extends far beyond her into the world.


Paul Pirner,


After successfully becoming the inaugural graduate of the English-Writing program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, Paul Pirner fled to the bright lights and dirty underbelly of the Los Angeles publishing scene.He cut his teeth in the rapid-fire world of audio books as an abridger and producer, then worked on meaty 1990s novels including, White Girls Don't Bounce and the New York Times Best Seller, You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again.In bad need of an intellectual shower, Pirner soon returned to Minneapolis to write and produce TV programs for DirecTV, serve as an associate editor for a major on-line magazine and freelance for clients including Target, Pep Boys and being a father of two and one of the founding partners of Content Farm Creative, he currently serves as the Director of Communications for the non-profit Starry Night Collective. In his spare time, he plays bass in a very loud Minneapolis-based band, The 757s.